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Ultrasound Teeth Cleaning

Regular cleaning is the most effective way to prevent dental disease from forming. Prevention is better than cure!

This is not an easy job for most dog owners, but with the CleanyTeeth Ultrasound Service we can get your pup’s smile sparkling again and help maintain their dental health.

By regularly maintaining your dog’s dental hygiene you can help prevent them having dental issues. This service supports the destruction of bacteria on the teeth, under the gumline and even into the gingival pockets.

The noiseless toothbrush is stress free while combatting plaque and tartar formation, oral cavity diseases, gingivitis, periodontitis and bad breath. It is also abrasion-free so does not hurt the enamel.


Initial Sessions

30 minute session

(10% discount)

Bulk Buy Course of 3 Initial Sessions

Set of 3 sessions

For best results, book weekly


Maintenance Sessions*

20 minute session

*4-8 week top up treatments after an initial course has been completed and teeth and gums are clear.

(10% discount)

Bulk Buy Maintenance Sessions

5 x 20 minute sessions

For best results, book 4-8 weeks apart from each other.

Disclaimer: The Little Pad would like to clarify that ultrasonic treatment is not a veterinary procedure and cannot be used to diagnose any dental problems with your dog. It is solely intended to maintain healthy teeth and gums, and does not replace the need for regular veterinary check-ups.

Please note that The Little Pad cannot guarantee the effectiveness or suitability of ultrasonic treatment for individual dogs, as external factors can vary.

The Little Pad cannot be held responsible for any issues arising from poor dentition, such as tooth removal or gingivitis, that occur before, during, or after ultrasonic treatments.

If your dog's teeth are significantly scaled, we strongly recommend that you first seek veterinary attention for a dental descale under anaesthetic, and then continue with a regular program of ultrasonic teeth cleaning to maintain your dog's oral health.

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